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Yellow Gold Jewellery

Yellow gold is the most precious metal. Beyond doubt, gold is a staple for any jeweler. It is precious Because it is considered to be rare and have a high economic value.It has been used since ancient times for making coins, and making jewelry. It’s a popular choice for jewellery, especially in Indian weddings Also Gold called as Auram. As gold’s scientific name is Aurum. Gold is a commodity that is bought and sold internationally. It can also be called international currency. The place of gold jewellery has been extraordinary in every society. Gold jewelry is a big investment, so buyers should ensure they are purchasing authentic gold.

Real GOLD have these following stamps in inner area of designs that represents the percentage of gold it contains

760 = 18 carat

916 = 22 carat

999 = 24 carat

Pure, 24 carat gold is not suitable for crafting into everyday jewellery as it is too soft. Yellow gold for jewellery is typically made up of pure gold mixed with other white metal(s), to achieve greater durability and desired colour tone. The rate of Gold jewellery is determined on the basis of carat. Higher the percentage of gold higher the cost. our prices are based on the current market value of gold. Because pure gold is naturally yellow, the higher the karat, the more yellow the item will be.

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There are many types of gold, But in the modern jewellery market there are Three kinds of Gold. Yellow gold, Rose gold and White gold. What gives gold these different colours depends on the metal used in the alloy mixture

Care of Yellow Gold

Over time, rings may dull due to a build-up from showering, hand wash, and common cosmetics such as moisturisers, makeup or perfume

In order to clean your ring, take a soft clean toothbrush and apply a small drop of washing up liquid. Rinse your ring under warm water and gently scrub again to remove any soap residue before drying with a microfibre cloth.