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You are eligible for 100% DISCOUNT on your last installment

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Why Smart Gold investment Plan?

Plan Ahead

Subscribe to plan for your
future high value purchases

For Special Moments

Plan for gifting on special
occasions like Birthdays,
Weddings etc

Special Discounts

Pay 11 installments & get 100%
discount on the 12th installment

How it works?

Pay Monthly

11 month installments with easy payment options.

Get Special Discount

You can purchase in the end of 11th month

Redeem & Purchase

Redeem final amount after 11 months and buy at any of our stores / online

Refer calculator below for details

Smart Gold investment Plan Calculator

Slide or enter monthly installment amount

You Pay
Your total payment
(11 installments)
1st installment
(Your 1st Installment)
100% Discount on 11th + 1 installment
(Equal to 1 month installment)

You can buy jewellery worth:
(in 11th month)
If jewellery is more than Rs. 22,000, you just need to pay the difference amount at the time of purchase

Frequently Asked Questions


You can buy 18carat and 22carat jewellery from the invested money.

remaining amount will be credited to your wallet. After that anytime you can buy jewellery from Here/Satva Gold.

If you ever close the scheme in the middle, then you will not get back that invested money,but if you want you can buy jewellery from that money.

You can purchase only Gold ornaments from the scheme.

Yes, you customise any jewellery design according to your preference from the invested money.

You can buy online or by visiting our shop.

If you decide to purchase jewellery for more than invested amount then you have to pay the excess or remaining amount


No, you can not change the amount after starting the scheme.

You cannot replace any other nominee in your place. But you can close the scheme by purchasing the jewellery from the credited instalment amount.

The minimum starting amount you can invest is 1000, and the maximum amount you can invest is 95,000.


Yes, you will get the confirmation SMS via Email or SMS.

All types of amounts are acceptable in the scheme. (RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, Debit card, Credit card, G-pay, Paytm etc…)

for the first time, you don't have to pay any penalty but if it is repeated more than once then you will not be eligible for our special deal/discount.