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About Us

Indian jewellery, its craftsmanship and variety is an amazing showcase of India’s heritage, culture and diversity. With a deep understanding of local tastes and preferences, Satva Gold offers an array of traditional and contemporary jewellery designs in gold, diamonds, precious stones and other precious metals. Our enduring collection of aesthetically designed pieces epitomizes the spirit of femininity, elegance, and grace.We believe that this is our legacy to the industry.Inspired by the trust we have earned across varied markets, we will soon be expanding into new markets across India. Magelang1337


Our Story and Beliefs

With hard work and determination you can do wonders, Mr. Dhruv Shah started the business on 9th June, 2015. He took this risk at the age of 20 and believed in his efforts. We started this business as a supplier in unique designs of mangal sutra and now we have almost 5000+ designs of gold jewellery available. We have now been manufacturing jewellery and supplying it to the leading jewellery stores PAN india.

With every year passing by we have been expanding our business and growing with pace. With a single person starting the company to now successfully running the business with almost 15 employees. We have always believed in improving the quality and the products that we provide. ‘Never stop, keep walking ahead’ is what we believe in when it comes to the growth of our company. We started customising jewellery for the customers because we believe that we provide the best in market but at the same time we would like to fulfill the demands of the customers. Customer satisfaction is the key to running a business successfully is what we always keep in mind.


Our mission is to never stop growing and evolving our brand. We started off our company with a mere collection of mangalsutra and now we have almost 5000 designs with a strong online domain. We want to provide our customers what they need with the best quality, value of money and customer service.


Looking into our mission statement, we can clearly visualise to be the best in the market with an aim to cover all the possible designs. We wish to make the customers feel beautiful and timeless.

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Our Values

We use a state of the art manufacturing unit that brings cutting edge innovation to jewellery making, putting the art and purity of the jewel above all else. Our designs combine a timeless vintage look with modernity. Our vision is truly future forward melding the traditional craft with current designs. Over the decades, our designs have mirrored the evolving taste of our customers and the trust they place in our brand.

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