Are you worried that your precious gold ring will fade its shine? Indians believe in keeping gold from years back which our ancestors gave. It is considered to be auspicious to keep our ancestral gold jewellery in the family. Now this takes us to the point of taking right care of the jewellery to keep its shine intact. The jewellery just like our houses need time to time to clean up. Gold jewellery is the most timeless of all so it needs good care.

If you’re wearing the jewellery piece on a daily basis try to clean them on a scheduled basis too. Now you’ll think that the ring/ earring I wear daily looks fine and shiny so why do we need to clean it right? The jewellery we wear everyday with time builds up the dust or oil it comes in contact with, which will fade away its dazzle. If not taken good care at home the jewellery will incur extra loss & repairs cost. So it's necessary to clean up the dust or oils. Especially the Gold plated brass Jewellery. They react very easily with other chemicals and tend to lose its shine easily.

Taking care of your gold jewellery includes a few steps from cleaning the jewellery from time to time to keeping it in good condition and at the right place.


Jewellery Wash


Using White vinegar:
this has been the old ‘NANI KA NUSKA’ hack for cleaning gold jewellery. Take a cup of white vinegar and place your gold jewellery in it. Shake it every 5 minutes. Let it settle in for 15-20 minutes. Brush the jewellery to take off the dust. Wash it with cold water after 15 minutes and tada!!

Vinegar is known to be the best cleaning agent for real gold jewellery.

Using Baking Soda
Again another kitchen hack that can do wonders. Take a spoon of baking soda from your kitchen and mix it well with one cup of water. You can add a little bit of dishwashing soap to make the mixture a bit better. Keep the gold jewellery in the cleaning mixture for about 30 minutes. After that scrub it using a brush to clean it deeply and wash it in cold water to see your as clean as a brand new Gold Jewellery.

Apart from cleaning your jewellery you must also keep it in a safe place like a velvet pouch or a jewellery box which has a good cover inside.

A few more things you must take care of to take good care of your gold jewellery at home and keep its dazzle for long

Remove your gold jewellery when you’re going to the swimming pool.
Try to protect it and keep it away from chemicals like perfume, hairsprays, makeup products.
Remove your jewellery if you’re involved in washing utensils or clothes, it tends to easily discolour when comes in contact with chemicals.

This can be added to your fun weekend activity list : jewellery cleaning :)
Why not clean and preserve it for a longtime.

Team Satva