What is the difference between 24K, 22K, 18K, 14K Gold?

Incredible India celebrating its versatile cultures and traditions has a significant place encrusted in its heart for jewelry. Our valuable rituals involve jewelry to complete the celebrations is a legacy passed from generations together to keep our culture alive. Gold till now has always been considered superior among other metals for accessorizing.


A common question gold enthusiasts come across is about the confusing numbers that represent the purity of gold.

Here we rescue you by explaining the difference between 24K, 22K, 18K, and 14K Gold.

To begin with, 'K' denotes Carat, a measurement indicating the proportion of gold in an alloy out of 24 parts.

The purest form of gold available is 24K Gold. The 24 parts of it are pure gold that means 99.99% pure. It is also known as 999 Gold. 24K is the most expensive form of gold sold in the market and a lesser type of jewelry made because of its too soft and malleable features. It is more over-considered for investment like purchasing gold coins or bricks.


24 Carat = 24 Parts 

24/24 × 100 = 100% Gold


22 Carat gold is also known as 916 Gold because it is 91.6% pure gold.

Here it means, there are 22 parts of gold in the metal out of 24, which equates to 91.6% of gold. The remaining 8.33% or two parts are other alloys. Silver, Copper, Zinc, and more kinds are known as alloys.


22 Carat = 22 Parts

22/24 × 100 = 91.6% Gold


Furthermore, 18 Carat Gold has 75%, and the rest has alloys added to them. It also means 18 parts consist of gold. Ornaments shine less as compared to 22K & 24K when they are 18K. As the firm and richness are prime factors, the diamond-studded jewelry is preferable with 18K gold.


18 Carat = 18 Parts

18/24 × 100 = 75% Gold


The 18K and 14K Gold are considered pocket-friendly by most people while shopping for accessories.14 Carat is 58.33% pure gold, and the rest is alloy added to them.


14 Carat = 14 Parts

14/24 × 100 = 58.33% Gold


Beyond these lies the color-wise you wish to buy your gold. The yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are available as per choices and carats. Learn about these in detail in our upcoming articles. We bring you a wide range of beautiful jewelry for weddings, daily use, and gifting to your loved ones.

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